Women Gathering Bush Berries

Catalog Number: 16/315

Size: 49 x 40 cm


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About the artist

Elsie Pananka

Elsie was born and grew up on Alcoota Station and as a young woman worked at Mt Riddock, the adjoining cattle station before marrying and moving back to Alcoota. Elsie was taught by her sister how to paint on canvas, carve wooden animals and make jewellery from native seeds. She has lots of family members (many who are artists) still living at Engawala and Three Mile (Utopia) and prefers to paint bush tucker, bush medicine and occasionally women’s body painting themes. Elsie still loves to carve wooden animals such as long necked birds, lizards and goannas and is one of the key players when it comes to going out to “hunt” for suitable trees for carving

Community: Engawala : NT

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