About Us

Engawala Community

Engawala, also was known as Intiarntwa, is located 200km north east of Alice Springs. It has a population of 150 people and the local language is Arrente. Engawala is situated on Alcoota Station, one of the Northern Territory’s oldest pastoral leases which was handed back to Traditional Owners in 2012. Young men within the community are frequently called upon to assist with managing cattle and other pastoral activities.

Although a small community, Engawala is well supported with a general store, shire office, night patrol office, aged care, early childhood centre, medical clinic, school and Activity Hub.

Alcoota Station is also well known in scientific circles for the unique fossil-beds that are located on the property.

This Website 

This website is the result of the hardworking community members of Engawala, the artworks and artists are working alongside My Pathway as the Community Development Program (CDP) provider.

The Activity complex at Engawala was built in 2013 and over the years access to a facility supporting the development of art has become an important factor for the local community. For many this is also seen as an opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge to eventually open and operate a community based art enterprise.

For some time now, word had spread that there was art being produced at Engawala and sales to visiting Education, Health and Shire staff had exposed participants to the popularity of their work.

Going “online” was seen as means of getting greater exposure for the artwork, feedback on industry trends and direct experience in handling sales and orders, all essential skills for future enterprises. 

Some of the participants have a long association with art while for others this is a new adventure. All web content has been determined by the artists themselves.